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Rebuilt Allison Transmission
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Quality Manufactured New Replacement Parts Designed to Meet or Exceed OEM Specifications. 


Repair and Return / Support / Field Service / Exchange Program.


Copeland International, is your source for Allison Transmissions in many conditions; rebuilt, remanufactured, refurbished, reconstructed in addition to new transmissions, used, cores. We offer many parts both New Genuine Allison Transmission Parts (through our Dealership through Terex Corporation), New USA Made Aftermarket Allison Transmission Parts (Reverse Engineered and Tested for Compatibility), New OEM Allison Transmission Parts (Parts that are still manufactured by the original machine shop, seal & gasket companies, gear and shaft, drop box disconnects, torque converter, clutch plates and many more). We also keep a large stock of hard to find good used parts and rebuilt parts and components.

Since 1979 Copeland has been serving the Energy, Construction, Farming, Marine and Material Handling Industries. We have a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, product excellence and premier service. Since 1996 Copeland International Transmissions has been supplying the current product we are known for today; Our Rebuilt Allison Transmissions or “Copeland Transmission”. We specialize in not only recent Allison Transmission models but more importantly the hard to find antique or late model/legacy transmissions. We are committed to supporting these transmissions and can offer Outright, Exchange, Repair & Return (time & material) as well as custom design and fits for your specific application! When you receive your Copeland Allison Transmission, rest assured that our product has been thoroughly Dyno Tested with Load (simulated scenarios the transmission would experience) to ensure that you receive a fully functional and ready to go product that is will last for many years to come.

Below are some models we service and offer in complete rebuilt condition.   

CRT3331, CRT3531, CRT3000, CLT4460, CLBT4460, CLT5860, CLBT5860, CLT5960, CLBT5960, CLT6061, CLBT6061, CLT5861, CLBT5861, CLT5961, CLBT5961, M5610, S5610, 5610, H5610, S6610, M6610, 6610, 6610H, S6620, M6620, 6620, 6620H, 5600, M5600, S5600, 5600H, 6600, S6600, M6600, 6600H, H6600, CLT6062, CLBT6062, CLT6063, CLBT6063, HT750DRD, HT750, HT750DRDDB, HT754, HT754CR, HT754CRD, HT750CR, HT750CRT, HT740DR, HT740, CLBT750, CLBT750DB, CLT750, CLT750DB, CLT754, CLBT754, CLT754DB, CLBT754DB, CLBT755, CLT755, CRT5630, CRT5631, CRT5633, CRT5000, DP8000, DP8961, DP8962, DP8963, M8610, CLT5962, CLBT5962, CLT5963, CLBT5963, CLT5860-5, CLT5860-4, CLT6061-4, CLT6061-5, CLBT5860-2, S9820M, S9800M, S9810M, CLT9000, CLT9885, CLT9884

Rebuilt, Remanufactured, Reman, Repair and Return, Exchange, Allison Transmission, Transmission field repair service. Rebuilt Allison Transmissions. -1, -2, -3, -4, -5, -6. Copeland International is your supplier of Parts, Service, Support, Maintenance for - Oilfield, Oil and Gas, Well Service, Well Servicing, Fracking, Coil Tubing, Workover Rigs, Pulling Units, Drilling Rigs, Fracturing Equipment, Stimulation, Acidizing, Cementing, Mud Pumps, Pumping, Construction, Dirt Work, Compactors, Diesel Mechanical Winches, Farm Tractors, Material Handling, Rathole Drilling, Mousehole Drilling, Conductor Drilling, Cellar Drilling, Foundation Drilling Rigs, Foundation Piling Rigs, Marine Winches, Augers, Trucks, Pressure Diggers, Trenchers, Airport Crash Trucks, Airport Material Handling Vehicles, Cranes, Forklifts, Military Vehicles, Scrapers, Compactors, Rubber Tire Tractors, Rollers, Locomotive & Rail Equipment, Ditchers & Earth Augers, Crawler Tractor & Track-Laying Vehicles, Power Unit Applications, Bottom Dumps, Highway Trucks, Off-Highway Trucks, Mining Equipment, Motor Graders, Logging Equipment and Custom Applications. 

Our organization operates on strict principals to ensure you are receiving a consistent high quality product every time. We maintain a stock of transmissions for Off-Highway applications and some on highway applications for immediate delivery. Why wait when you can get back up and going now. Copeland can offer your organization and truly manufactured transmission experience similar to what you would receive from the Allison Transmission Factory.

Trust your fleet with Copeland International Allison Transmissions. We are your experts!



CRT 3331, CRT 3531, CRT 3000, CLT 4460, CLBT 4460, CLT 5860, CLBT 5860, CLT 5960, CLBT 5960, CLT 6061, CLBT 6061, CLT 5861, CLBT 5861, CLT 5961, CLBT 5961, M 5610, S 5610, 5610, H 5610, S 6610, M 6610, 6610  6610 H, S 6620, M 6620, 6620, 6620 H, 5600, M 5600, S 5600, 5600 H, 6600, S 6600, M 6600, 6600 H, H 6600, CLT 6062, CLBT 6062, CLT 6063, CLBT 6063, HT 750 DRD, HT 750, HT 750 DRD DB, HT 754, HT 754 CR, HT 754 CRD, HT 740, HT 740 DR, CLB T750, CLBT 750 DB, CLT 750, CLT 750 DB, CLT 754, CLBT 754, CLT 754 DB, CLBT 754 DB, CLBT 755, CLT 755, CRT 5630, CRT 5631, CRT 5633, CRT 5000, DP 8000, DP 8961, DP 8962, DP 8963, M 8610, CLT 5962, CLBT 5962, CLT 5963, CLBT 5963, CLT 5860-5, CLT 5860-4, CLT 6061-4, CLT 6061-5, CLBT 5860-2, S 9800 M, S 9820 M, S 9810 M, S 9806, S 9805, CLT 9885, CLT 9884, CLT 9000